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Picking a leaf blower

How to Choose Leaf Blowers

Are you tired of cleaning the dried leaves and other debris in your yard using manual tools like broom and rake? Why not buy a leaf blower that can blow all those dried leaves and small twigs easily to one part of your yard? This will make cleaning the yard an easy, even enjoyable, task. But before you jump ahead and buy one of those leaf blowers available in gardening or tool shops, you have to know first what kind of leaf blower you should buy. Here are some considerations when choosing leaf blowers.

Leaf blower
Leaf blower

Check how the leaf blower is powered-petrol or electricity. It is up to you which one you will choose. For instance, if you have a big yard and you need to use the blower far from an electric outlet, you should consider buying the kind that uses fuel or petrol. But if you have a small yard, then an electric leaf blower is okay.

Choose a blower that does not produce too much noise.

Check for baffles or mufflers. These are features that lessen the noise of leaf blowers. The typical leaf blower produced 60 to 65 decibels.

Know what kind of engine the blower has. There are only two kinds of engines for blowers-2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Blowers with 4-stroke engines are more powerful and heavy duty than the ones with 2-stroke engines. If you have a big yard, choose the more powerful leaf blower and the less powerful one if you have a small yard.

Most leaf blowers have three different functions in one-to blow, mulch, and vacuum. If you need to do all three in your yard, then choose the blower that has all three functions to save money and to do your tasks much faster and more efficiently.

Choose a blower that does not produce too much noise
Choose a blower that does not produce too much noise

There are two ways to measure how blowers move leaves and other yard debris-by volume flow and by speed flow. Volume flow is the amount of air that the leaf blower shoots out and speed flow is the speed of air that comes out of the machine.

Check if you can change the nozzles of the leaf blower you are planning to buy. Changing nozzles can help make the air from the leaf blower more focused on a smaller area which makes it stronger, or spreads the air into a wider area, making the air less strong.

You should also know how you will be able to move the blower. There are some leaf blowers that you can carry with your hands, and others that you can place on your back with a strap. There are also those which you can put on a tractor, which is ideal for really big yards.

If you have a small yard and if you are just planning to carry the blower around, you might want to choose something light and small. But if you have a big, it will be very tiresome and time-consuming if you will just use a hand-held leaf blower. Choose the one that can be mounted on a tractor for faster and easier yard clean-up.

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