We wanted to put together a space where people could find lots of information about money that they would find easy to understand. There are lots of websites that do have financial information but it is often very hard to understand and we wanted to change that and make sure that the information that we put forward could be easily understood. We want people to find articles that are relevant to them and that will inspire them to make positive changes to their finances so that they can benefit in the future. We therefore have information to explain different things and then hints and tips on things that people can do to improve the situation that they are in. It is not always easy to make changes, but we hope that we can provide a selection of ideas so that people can pick ones that they will be able to manage, with enough information to make them feel really motivated to make the changes that they need to make. Therefore, we have explained the advantages of making the changes in the hope that this will make people want to make them and put in the necessary effort to be able to do so. They will often require some lifestyle changes but hopefully it will be easy to see the advantages in making these.